January Favourites 2017

Can you believe we are already one month into 2017? It feels so weird that tomorrow is going to be February. It is probably because, if you step out side in Toronto, it feels like April. Anyways, lets dive into some of my favourites from this month.

Favourite Clothing


I usually try to avoid spending money over boxing day, because of all the money I spent before the holidays. However, when I saw this jacket, I knew I had to get it. It is the Embroidered Baseball Jacket from H&M and I got it $40 off

Favourite Tea


Although I usually stick to tea from David’s Tea, I got a few different teas over the past few months that I have been loving. The first is part of a gift set from For Tea’s Sake. The gift set contained a gold travel mug (which works amazingly) and Chia Spice Loose Tea. My other tea favourite is Toasty Almond from Tealish, which a blend of almonds and vanilla with a undertone of cinnamon and apples.

Favourite Face Mask


I have two new face mask favourites. The first is Arbutin + Pearl Sheet Mask from Holika Holika. It leaves my skin feeling bright and tight. The other one is the Fresh Rose Face Mask. It isn’t a miracle product or anything, so I don’t know if I would ever buy a regular sized one (it is about $75) but I am currently going though a sample that I got and I like how it leaves my skin.

Favourite Mascara

badgal-lashes theyre-real

I have two new mascara favourites, both of which are from Benefit. The first is BadGal Lashes Mascara and it is so volumizing and doesn’t clump. The other is They’re Real Mascara and this mascara really surprised me. The whole idea is that it looks like fake lashes, which, as someone who likes a more natural look every day, I wasn’t so sure about. However, it looks flawless on the lashes and isn’t too dramatic.

Favourite TV Show


I spent one weekend this month binge watching A Series of Unfortunate Events, the new Netflix series based on the novels by Lemony Snicket. Although the cast and set are amazing, the script was, in my opinion, the best part, especially Sunny’s sarcastic lines. I highly recommend it and am hoping they have another season!

What were your favourite products this month? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Want to see more of my favourite products? Click here to see my 2016 favourites!


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