30 Day Minimalism Challenge: Week 3

I know this post is overdue, since I wrote about the second week of this challenge almost a week ago. I did complete this week of the challenge right after that, but it took me awhile to write it. So, if you want to see exactly what this challenge is, and my experience of the first week, click here. If not, get ready and lets dive in!

Day 15th: Examine Your Daily Habit

I already went through my morning routine/ritual earlier in this challenge, so I am going to analyze my daily habits outside of my morning routine. And, I am going to be honest, I don’t really have any. Other than going to school everyday, which I can’t really examine because I don’t really have a choice if I show up or not, my daily habits and routine varies every single day. The one thing I can say I do almost every single day is procrastinate. I am trying to work on it, but who really wants to write an essay on the history of floors or study for an upcoming exam that you just want to forget that you have.

Day 16th: Don’t Buy Anything for 24 Hours

I am going to be honest, this didn’t happen. It was my sister’s birthday, so we went out for a Frappuccino at Starbucks. However, most days I don’t actually buy anything. So it wasn’t like this task was a challenge, it just happened to fall on an inconvenient day.

Day 17th: Practice Single Tasking

I am never ever going to be a single tasking person. Even if it is something as simple as listening to music while doing my homework or blogging, I am always multitasking. I know people say that multitasking is multi-distracting, but I find if I am focusing simply on one task, I get bored and stop. I need to be, at the very minimum, listening to music to improve my focus and not get beyond bored. If you couldn’t tell by that short rant, today’s task didn’t go so well.

Day 18th: Unfollow and Unfriend

I am usually doing this rather constantly. If I notice that I am getting bored of an account on my Instagram feed, or if I am getting annoyed with someone’s constant posting on Facebook, I will usually unfollow/unfriend them. However, today, I did go through every account I follow on Instagram, and unfollowed about 30. As for Facebook, I unfriended a few people, but I find it harder to unfriend people, rather than unfollow someone, because I know them personally and they are usually a friend from school, which means I see them everyday.

Day 19th: Go for a Walk and Practice Mindfulness

Does walking to the bus stop count? It should. I practice mindfulness on my morning walk to the bus stop. This isn’t that exciting to write about because all I did was walk and think. I do that every other day.

Day 20th: No TV All Day, Read Instead

I am happy to say I somewhat completed this challenge. While I didn’t watch TV (or Netflix) all day, I didn’t read either. I have been struggling for the past few months to find a book that I can really get into. So, for this task, I give myself half a gold star.

Day 21st: Journal for 20 Minutes

I have never gotten into journaling, so I kind of rolled my eyes at this task. However, I had gotten an assignment from one of my teachers recently that was asking me to write a journal. I know it isn’t technically what the challenge meant when it asked me to journal, but I just went with it.

Are there any other challenges you want me to do? Let me know in the comments below!

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