Your Guide to Two Discount Makeup Websites

Do you have a ton of expensive items on your wish list that you just can’t get yourself spend all that money. While, if I didn’t include your most wanted makeup in my Amazon vs. Sephora post, you are still in luck. Today, I will be introducing you to two different discount makeup websites, as well as comparing some prices to give you a general idea of the savings. Ready to save? Lets dive in!

All Cosmetics Wholesale

This website has been around for over a decade. They are very proud of their 100% authentic claim, which states that everything is 100% authentic, and if you don’t believe your purchase is authentic, you may return it. However, always read the description. While it is rare, they do sell expired products. So take caution and don’t just assume you found an unbelievable deal. On a more positive note, they do give you the suggested sale prices of all the items. Below, I have compared two of their items to the regular Sephora price to show you how much you can save. They do have drugstore items but I wanted to stick to Sephora products to give you the best visualization of your potential savings.

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation

Sephora: $48

ACW: $39

Savings: $9

Dior 5 Colour Eyeshadow

Sephora: $62

ACW: $50

Savings: $12

Beauty Encounters

Want anything from makeup to skincare to haircare to fragrance and more? Than this is where to go. Full of a ton of products you know and love, as well as a ton you have never heard of, this beauty site carries over 40,000 products. Similar to ACW, Beauty Encounters shows you haw much you are saving with each purchase and have a 100% authentic claim. Also, if you favourite product has been discontinued, take a look on Beauty Encounter, as they carry some discontinued products.

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacob Eau de Toilette Spray (3.4 oz)

Sephora: $96

Beauty Encounter: $50

Savings: $46

GlamGlow BrightMud Eye Treatment

Sephora: $69

Beauty Encounter: $40

Savings: $29

Did I miss your favourite discount makeup site? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Need a new favourite palette? Here are some new palettes at Sephora. Hopefully, you will soon be able to find them on these discount makeup sites!


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