5 Products To Strengthen Your Nails!

Ever feel like your nails won’t stop breaking? Or that they are super brittle and peel a lot? Well, you aren’t alone. And, there are several products out there that are meant to strengthen and repair your damaged nails. Keep on reading to find out about 5 of those types of products that will keep your nails looking long and healthy. Ready? Lets dive in!

Nail Treatments

1. Orly Nail Defense Nail Strengthener

Orly has an entire range of nail strengthening treatments. This one specifically is supposed to prevent breakage and bond peeling and breaking nails back together.

2. O.P.I. Dry and Brittle Nail Envy

Using VitaminsĀ C and E, this nail strengthener will help to repair dry and brittle nails. If this one specifically doesn’t seem ideal with your nails, the Nail Envy line has several different treatments and a few pigmented nude polishes.

3. Lakur Enhanced Colour in Princess Awaits

If your nail polishes seem to be doing a lot of damage to your nails, try switching to these Lakur polishes. They all enriched with botanicals to help strengthen and protect your nails. They are also vegan, cruelty free and 9 free. So not only are they good for your nails but they are good for the environment.

4. Nails Inc Detox Overnight Mask

A mask for your nails? This innovative product is infused with green tea, acai berries and spirulina to encourage your nails to grow healthy and strong. All your need to do is apply a little bit of the product, massage it into your nails and then wake up with stronger and better looking nails.

5. Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat

Keratin is not only great for helping strengthen your hair, but it is just as great for your nails. This keratin enriched coat will help strength and protect your nails. Also, the sheer pink colour will help colour correct some of the yellow colour in your nails.

How do you strengthen and protect your nails? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Want to cheek out other products that will colour correct your nails? Click here to find out about 5 amazing nail tints.



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