30 Day Minimalism Challenge: Week 1


I was scrolling through my Pinterest feed, when I came upon this 30 Day Minimalism Challenge from Into-Mind.com. I defienelty don’t consider  myself a minimalist, or think that I will ever be one, but the idea of a more simple, stress free life intrigued me. So, I thought doing this 30 Day Challenge would be a lot of fun. And, to make it even more fun, I am going to take you all along for the journey. Ready to see how my first 7 days went? Let’s jump in!

Day One: Stay Offline for One Day

All day, I wanted to give into the hold that my phone and laptop have over me, but I managed to go an entire day. Well, almost. I couldn’t go a full day with out music, so I did give in a bit and listen to Spotify. The very first thing I did when I woke up was turn off my notifications, so I wasn’t tempted through out the day. I ended up having a productive and fun day. I made it to the gym, did some baking and started sewing a dress. I also treated myself to a Iced Lime Gelato Tea from Davids Teas, which was very sweet and creamy. I also finish the book I was reading, The Winner’s Curse, and started a new book, How to Lead a Life of Crime. I will definetly be trying to have more interenet free days, maybe one of two a month, because I really enjoyed it.

Day Two: Meditate for 15 minutes

I have been into using guided mediation apps for the past few months. I used the app Guided Mind and did the 10 minute long Crystal Garden Mediation. It was very relaxing and a nice way to end the day.

Day Three: Declutter Your Digital Life

So, since a later day in this challenge is Unfollowing and Unfriending, today is just decluttering my desktop and folders. I have been procrastinating on doing this for ages and this challenge has forced me to get around to it. After doing so, it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Day Four: No Complaints Day

Today was challenging. More challenging than staying offline for an entire day. I wish I could say I went all day without a single complaint. I did try but sometimes I didn’t even realize what I was say was a complaint until I had already said it. However, I did enjoy being more positive and I will continue to try to complain less  in general from now on.

Day Five: Identify Your 3 to 6 Main Priorities

This one was really easy. My top three main priorities are, one, my physical and mental health, two, my family and friends, and three, my education. Over the past year or so I have learnt how important it is to focus on my health and to not be afraid to put it first (which I still need to remind myself of sometimes). Also, my friends and family are a huge part of my life and I would do anything for them. And thirdly, I am still a student and I really believe in the value of education.

Day Six: Follow a Morning Ritual

Since I already follow a morning routine every morning, I only made a few changes to make it more into a minimalistic ritual. Firstly, instead of watching Netflix while doing my makeup, I blast Little Mix’s Get Weird album, which is really fun and upbeat. I also did some stretching, which I know is really important to do in the morning but never really feel like doing.

Day Seven: Streamline Your Reading List

Today, I started off my cleaning up my to-read list on Goodreads. I got rid of the books that I added like three years ago that no longer interest me and got cut my list down by almost 50 books. Then, I unsubscribed myself from some email lists that I have started deleting before even opening. I clean out my email quite frequently, so this didn’t take too long.

Overall, I have really been loving this challenge and I can’t wait to continue for the next few weeks. Now, it is time for me to challenge you. If you don’t want  to do this entire challenge with me, try picking a few different tasks from it that you fell will benefit you most, like staying off line for a day. Trust me, you will feel so much lighter and more productive.

Will you be taking part in this challenge? Let me know in the comments below!



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