Arbutin: The Skin Brightener You Never Knew About

So, you may have heard of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to be great skin brightening ingredients. However, Arbutin is another great option, especially for more sensitive skin, as it is a more gentle brightener. Basically, Arbutin is a molecule found in bearberries, which prevents the formation of melanin. For those of you who don’t know, melanin is the pigmentation in your eyes, hair and skin. Therefore, using Arbutin in your skincare routine with help lighten and brighten your skin. It also helps reduce freckles and dark spots, as these are produced using an enzyme called tyrosinase, and Arbutin is an inhibitor of tyrosinase.

So know you know what Arbutin is, it is time to find out where you can find it. Below are 5 skincare products containing Arbutin. Are you ready? Lets dive in!

1. Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream ($15)
This unique cream not only contains Arbutin, but it also has snail secretion and bee venom (so this isn’t the product for you if you are allergic to bees). Snail secretion has been a popular ingredient in a lot of Asian skincare products, due to it’s regenerative qualities.
2. ARCONA Brightening Drops ($38)
This powerful serum is supposed to be used every night, so that your skin can absorb amazing brightening powers of the Vitamin C, Arbutin and Gallic acid (all brightening ingredients).
3. Secret Key Staring Treatment Essence ($19)
Essences have also been growing trend within the skincare industry. An essence is basically a serum, except it is more light weight and is not as concentrated. This particular essence will help brighten your skin and make it look more refreshed.
4. Holika Holika Arbutin + Pearl Sheet Mask ($2)
I am a huge fan of Holika Holika’s sheet masks. This mask is covered in an essence meant to brighten and revitalize your skin. To make it even more effective, pat the excess essence into your face and neck after you remove the mask.
5. Tarte Clean Slate Flawless 12-Hour Brightening Primer ($31)
Arbutin can even be found in makeup. This primer contains brightening ingredients, such as Mica, Vitamin C and Arbutin to give your skin a brightened complexion, while giving you a smooth and hydrated base for makeup application.
Have you ever tried Arbutin? Let me know in the comments below!
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