5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy Something

When it comes to makeup and clothing, it can be hard sometimes to say no to some products at the store. So, you buy it and end up never wearing/using it. No matter how cute it is, or if it is on sale, you should be asking yourself these 5 question before you buy that dress you aren’t quite sure about or that lipstick that is on sale. Trust me, you will save so much money, and space, with these questions. Ready? Let’s dive in.

1. Do You Have Something Like It?
Do you have a similar shade of lipstick? Or do you really need a new foundation when you have six at home? How about that pair of jeans that look almost identical to the one you already own? I know saying no can be hard, but if you already have something like it, you don’t need it
2. Am I Only Buying This Because of The Amazing Discount?
Just because a $40 shirt is on sale for $5, doesn’t mean you should automatically buy it. Make sure you have more reason to buy it other than the fact that it is on sale. If you like it and it fits well, than great. However, if you aren’t sure or it is slightly too big, than move on.
3. What Would I Pair This With That I Already Own?
So, you bought a super cute pair of brightly coloured, pattern pants. The only problem is you don’t have any shirts to pair with it. If you don’t have anything that will go with whatever item you are looking at, you will end up buying more clothes to match it. Match your purchases with your closet, instead of trying to match your closet with your purchases.
4. Does It Make Me Feel Confident
If you don’t feel like the best version of yourself in that new dress or with that bright orange lipstick on, than don’t get it. It is going to end you sitting in the bottom of your drawer. For more on how to dress confidently, click here!
5. Will I Still Want To Wear It In Six Month? A Year?
So, you went out an bought that dress that everyone has been wearing this year. However, will you still be wearing it in a year. Buy something because you like it, not because it is on trend. Ever trend comes and goes, but you don’t want to be switching your closet every time. Dress for yourself and not for others.
What questions do you ask yourself before you buy something? Let me know in the comments below!
P.S. So now your saving money and making less purchases, but that doesn’t mean stop shopping. Click here for 5 new drugstore mascaras, so you can keep shopping and save money!

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