5 New Colour Correcting Products to Check Out!

A few weeks ago, I told you all about colour correcting primers and what colours work best for each issue. Now we are moving beyond primers and diving into some of the best new colour correcting products out there, from liquid to cream. Are you ready? Lets dive in!

Colour Correcting New


Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluids ($28)

These highly concentrated colour correcting fluids are available in 5 different shades. They are perfect for little spots, such as blemishes or dark spots, that you want to correct, rather that colour correcting your entire face. The thing that makes these even better is that they leave your skin looking illuminated and you only need the smallest amount to make a huge impact.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Neutralizers ($38)

These neutralizers come in a super convenient pen format and elegant packaging. All you need to do is click, swipe and blend to have colour corrected skin. However, there are two down side. One is that they only come in three different shades, so it is slightly limited. And the other is that they are not as concentrated and pigmented as the Urban Decay Fluids, so you will need to use more product for the same results.

Tarte Wipeout Colour Correcting Palette ($45)

Want multiple colour correcting shades all in one convenient package? Well, look no further than this palette from Tarte. These thick and creamy concealers blend easily into your skin. It also comes with three different shades of regular concealers, so you can even out your skin tone after colour correcting while still using the same palette.

Algenist Reveal Concentrated Colour Correcting Drops ($38)

These colour correcting drops are great, as they can be used in multiple ways, depending on what you specifically need. If you want to colour correct your entire face, add a few drops to your moisturizer or foundation. Or, if you need to colour correct a specific spot, use one of their 4 shades on its own. However, be warned that they have a matte-like finish, so they may not be ideal if you want a glowing, dewy look.

Jane Multi-Coloured Correcting Powder ($12)

Since all other products on this list were high end, I decided to include this drugstore option. Perfect for evening out your skin tone, this all-in-one mattifying powder is the key to a beautiful complexion without breaking the bank.

Have you tried any of these new colour correcting products? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Want more colour correcting goodness? Check out these colour correcting primers by clicking here!


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