How To Incorporate Vaseline into Your Daily Life And Support a Good Cause!

Ever heard of The Vaseline Healing Project? With every one purchase of Vaseline products in America, they donate medical supplies, Vaseline and dermatological care to people in need. To us, a tube of Vaseline may not look like much, but to someone living in poverty, it could be the key to keeping their skin healthy and free of infections. So, now you know about the cause, but how are you going to use the Vaseline? Below, I have 5 ways that you can incorporate Vaseline into your daily life! Ready? Lets dive in!

Moisturizer: Now I know this one is obvious but I had to included it. Anyways, lets move onto the next and more innovative, way to use Vaseline.

Makeup Remover: Similarly to oil, Vaseline in a great alternative to your traditional makeup remover. Just rub a little bit between your fingers to heat up and then rub gentle on your eyes.

Eyebrow Serum: Did you over pluck your eyebrows? Just mix a bit of Vaseline with a bit of olive oil to create your custom eyebrow growth serum. Now all you need to do is apply daily at night and have some patience.

Mess-Free Mani: Using a Q-tip, apply some Vaseline on your cuticles before applying your favourite nail polish. This will make any nail polish that you get on your skin mush easier to get off.

Putting On Earring: If your earrings are not sliding in easily, just add a bit of Vaseline to the post of your earring, as well as your earlobe, and the earing will glide right in with no problems.

How else do you use Vaseline? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Need even more moisture? Try one of these five overnight masks to give your skin a boost!


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