Everything You Need To Know About The New Makeup Line: Milk Makeup

Launched on February 8th, Milk Makeup is brought to us by Milk, which is a “cultural hub in NY and LA, that sits at the crossroads of fashion, music, photography, art and film.” The goal of the line is to allow people to express themselves, by using “High Concept, Low Maintenance” products with one step application. You are sure to fall in love with their products, which use natural ingredients and the new Milk Melt technology.

The line contains 85 easy to use, innovative products that you can by online, as well as at Sephora and Urban Outfitters. Can’t wait to get your hands on these amazing products? First, check out these 6 Milk Makeup products that you must try!

Milk Makeup

1. Shadow Liner in Working Girl

This water proof shadow liner comes in six different colours and can be used as either an eyeliner, by using it horizontally, or an eyeshadow, by using it vertically to cover the entire lid.  It is precise, creamy and glides on easily. Can you ask for anything more?

2. Lip Colour in O.G. Red

This may look like your average red lipstick, but nothing about Milk Makeup is average. The Milk Melt Technology uses your body temperature to help this non-drying matte lip colour glide on smoothly. Also, it is so pigmented, you only need one swipe.

3. Natural Dry Shampoo

Milk Makeup doesn’t only do makeup. They also have a handful of skincare products, as well as a dry shampoo. I am always willing to try another dry shampoo, especially when it smells like refreshing white tea. This product will leave your hair looking clean and less oily naturally.

4. Blush Oil in Ripe

I think this is the product I am looking forward to getting my hands on the most. With a rollerball applicator, this moisturizing blush oil is easy to apply. Just roll across your checks, blend and voila, perfectly flushed checks.

5. Eye Vinyl in Bridge

Glossy lids have been a big trend in the beauty community as of late. Now, you can get this trend in just one swipe of the Eye Vinyl. Also, it is infused with natural oils, so it wont be sticky and it will be high shine.

6. Matte Quad in Foursome

This is the perfect eyeshadow palette for the spring and summer, which is just around the corner. With “marshmallow technology,” these stunning matte shadows are easily buildable, so you can achieve anything from a light simple look to a summery smoky eye with this one palette.

Will you be trying out any Milk Makeup products? Which ones? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. While you are picking up some new Milk Makeup products, take a look at some new cult favourites. Maybe they will become your favourite as well.


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