5 Korean Cushion Makeup Products That Are Not Foundation

While I was doing research for a post about a week ago, I stumbled across KollectionK.com, which is a website selling Korean beauty products. I quickly became obsessed and began flipping through all 38 pages of beauty product. On those pages were several different cushion makeup products, which, as I mentioned in my Cushion Foundation post, original came from Asia. Therefore, I decided to make a list of 5 of the cutest and coolest cushion makeup products. Ready? Lets dive in!

Cushion Makeup

1. Etude Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion SPF 34 PA++ ($23)

You may be wondering what this is so let me clarify. This Mineral Magic product is a primer that comes in 3 different colours to suit a variety of needs. The green one, which is shown above, helps conceal redness. The pink one is great for combating dark circles. Lastly, the peach one is great for evening out skin tone.

2. Etude Lock’n Summer Proof 10 Cushion Lock’n Eye Liner ($12)

Not only is this eye liner in a cushion formula, which is really cool, but it is water proof. This product comes in 5 different shades: black, blue, purple, red and brown. This eyeliner will last all day and is an excellent addition to your eyeliner collection.

3. A’PIEU Bal Cheek Blusher ($9)

This blush comes in 5 different shades: a violet, a light pink, a darker pink, a peach, and a bronze. It is creamy and moisturizing. Not only does it look amazing on the skin, but it smells good too, with a scent of sweets peaches, due to the peach extract in the blush.

4. A’PIEU Air-Fit Cushion Blusher Doraemon Edition BR01 Bronzer ($11)

Isn’t the packaging just adorable? This bronzer is long lasting and hypoallergenic. Also, it will look great as a contour or all over the face.

5. A’PIEU Dark Circle Brightener SPF 30 PA++ ($11)

Not only is this concealer long lasting and brightening, but it is moisturizing, with ingredients such as shea butter and mango seed butter. The one down side to this product is that it only comes in two light shades. So, while the product isn’t that inclusive, it is still a really good option for those with a lighter skin tone.

Are you going to try any of these products? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. These products may be hot in Korea but if you want to see what products are hot in your own back yard, click here for the newest cult beauty products!


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