5 of The Coolest Eye Creams

There are hundreds of eye creams on the market currently. If you are struggling to find the right fish in the eye cream sea, look no further. Below, I have five of the coolest, and slightly weird, eye creams that will make your under eyes look fantastic. Ready to dive in? Lets go!

Eye cream

1. The Body Shop Vitamin E Eyes Cube ($15)

This is basically a stick of product that you gentle rub under your eyes. It is very cooling and will help get rid of any puffiness and dark circle you have going on.

2. Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream ($27)

I am going to be honest, what I love most about this is the bright orange packaging. It has a ball applicator that is cooling and de-puffing. This product claims to, in three second, brighten and hydrate your under eyes to look as though you got a good night sleep, even if you didn’t.

3. Snail Repair Eye Cream ($22)

Yes, you read that right. This product contains 80% snail mucin. While the ingredients may be slightly, or entirely, weird, it helps reduce the look of fine lines, dark circles and brightens your under eyes using “high efficiency ingredients.” Also, it is really popular in Asia, which is known for having amazing and unique skincare.

4. Etude Eyes Cream Mint Cooling Eye Cream ($10)

With such adorable packaging I couldn’t not include this “eyes” cream. The concept is very similar to the Vitamin E Eyes Cube, with a stick formulated to cool and de-puff your under eyes. It is adorable and effective. Can it get much better?

5. Arcona Eye Dew Plus ($95)

While this may look like your average eye cream, it isn’t. The main ingredient is liquid crystal, which is supposed to smooth fine lines and improve elasticity.

What is your favourite eye cream? Have you tried any cool or weird ones? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Want to pamper your skin even more? Try one of these treatments for glowing skin!


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