5 Apps I Can’t Live Without!

Like most people in this day and age, I freak out, slightly, if my phone is out of arms reach. I am constantly flipping through my phone and my favourite apps. So, if you want to know what they are, keep reading!

1. Evernote

I have an Android phone (specifically a Moto G 3rd Generation), which I love. However, it doesn’t come with a notes app. So, I use the Evernote app. I use it to keep track of what food I am eating, different blog ideas, and other things. What I love most about it, is that you can organize your notes into notebooks. So I have a notebook for food, school, blogging, and to-do lists. This helps me keep organized and I am able to find which ever note I need quickly.

2. MyHomework

This app is great for anyone still in school. I have tried and tried to use a physical agenda but I have found it so much more beneficial to keep all my homework and due dates on my phone. This way, if I forget about an assignment, I will usually see it on my phone and remember to do it. It even colour coats your classes and allows you to organize your homework and assignments by importance.

3. Aviary (and Instagram)

I love Instagram and the photo editing app I use is called Aviary. It does everything I need for editing my photos, all in one app. I know there are a lot of other photo editing apps out there, but no matter which one I try, I always go back to Aviary.

4. Spotify

This app is pretty self-explanatory. Music is a huge part of every day and I love Spotify because I can listen to anything I want for free (I don’t mind the ads that much). My two favourite playlists curated by Spotify are Soft Pop Hits and Have a Great Day. They both contain great classic songs, such as Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and Walking on Sunshine.

5. Stop, Breath and Think

This is a guided mediation app and I am slowly getting into the habit of using it daily. It has a handful of free guided meditation and then there are some that you have to pay for. It is great for relaxing and always leaves me feeling calm and refreshed. My favourite mediations are Relax, Ground and Clear, as well as Joy.

What apps can you not live without? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Check out my January Favourites for other products I have been loving recently!


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