Pamper Your Skin

Winter leads to dry, dull skin. Give yourself some TLC to revive your skin with these pamper treatment. Keep on reading to find the best pamper treatment for you.

1. Skin Inc. My Daily Dose Custom-Blended Serum Set ($125)

This set may be on the pricey side, but it is defiantly worth it. You get to pick three targeted serums to help with your specific skin concerns. For example, to brighten your dull winter skin, chose the Vitamin C serum. Or, if you want to  firm your skin,  the Collagen Serum is for you. There is a total of 9 different serums, so you are bound to find the perfect combination for your skin.
2. The Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsules ($28)
I have used these before and absolutely love them. The Vitamin C helps brighten your skin, giving you a nice, healthy glow. It is a month long treatment, and you open one capsule a day and apply the oil inside to your skin. I recommend doing this at night so your skin has time to truly absorb the oil and you get the most out of this product.
3. The Republic of Tea Get Gorgeous Herb Tea for Clear Skin ($10.50 for 36 bags)
It is super important to treat your skin from the inside out. Everything in your body is connected, so when your body feels healthy and refreshed, your skin tends to reflect that. This tea contains Organic Rooibos (leaf), Orange, Hibiscus, Chamomile, Red Clover, Chaste Berry, Burdock, and Natural Pomegranate Flavor. The Republic of Tea also has a weight lost tea, a detox tea, a happiness tea a sleep tea and many more, so if your skin is good but you still want to pamper yourself, you have some options.
4. Lush Tea Tree Toner Tab ($3 per tab)
This is great for acne prone skin, as it contain tea tree. To use this, drop it in hot water and allow the steam to raise up towards your face and open your pores.  You can also save the water and use it as a facial spray for an extra boost. Just make sure to keep it in the fridge and don’t keep it for too long, because it may expire.
5. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength Daily Peal ($120)
Peels are great for removing the dead skin, leaving your skin glowing and healthy. You will receive 35 antiaging treatments. Each treatment has two steps, surface refiner and deeper treatment. This will not just help combat  the issues that you can see, but it will help combat issues deeper in the skin, that you can’t see yet.
Will you be trying any of these treatments? Are there any treatments that you love that I didn’t include? Let me know in the comments below!
P.S.  Now that your skin is glowing, it is time for makeup. If you want to try a new makeup trend, click here to find out everything you need to know about cushion foundations, including which ones are the best!

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