January Favourites

I can’t believe tomorrow will be February! Maybe it is the fact that this winter has been unbelievable warm in Toronto or that the past month went by so fast but I can’t believe it! This past month has been so much fun and it is time for me to share my monthly favourites with you all. So, if you are ready, keep on reading!

Clothing Favourites

banana pink turtlebanana black turtle banana orange turtle

I don’t normally have a fashion favourite but I really wanted to mention how much I have been loving oversized sweaters with a big turtle neck. They are so comfy and cozy but still look stylish. I currently own three and I got them all from Banana Republic because they were (and may still be) having a 60% off the lowest sale price sale. So, all these sweaters, that are usually over $100 a piece, I got for less then $25 each! I have one style in both black and orange and other style in a pale pink. I absolutely love them and if you have time, you should defiantly head to Banana Republic over the next few days. (Images above courtesy of Banana Republic)

Nail Polish Favourites

nail polish jan 2016

I have three nail polish favourites, but two I like to wear layered together, so there is technically only two nail polish looks I have been wearing almost none stop all month. The first look is just with Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss Wine to Five. It is a gorgeous red colour with a purple under tone. Also, even without a top coat, it is lasts about a week without significant chipping. My other favourite is layering Maybelline Color Show Holographic Nail Polish in Blue Blaze on top of Essie’s January Colour of the Month: Petal Pusher. This combo is classic, yet edgy and unbelievable long lasting, like nothing I have ever tried. Overall, it was a really good month when it came to nail polish.

Music Favourites

This month has been a stellar month when it comes to music. I have two albums that I have been playing on repeat so much that are by far favourites. The first is Rachel Platten’s Wildfire. If I had to chose a favourite song on the album it would either be Stand by You or Angels in Chelsea. The other album is Tori Kelly’s Unbreakable Smile (which I am currently listening to as I write this). I am obsessed with the entire album, but especially Should Have Been Us and First Heartbreak. If you haven’t heard these albums, you are defienelty missing out.

TV Favourites

Pretty Little Liars came back this month, as well as Younger and so many other shows. But my favourites have to be two new shows that premiered this month. They are Shadowhunters and  Recovery Road on Freeform. Shadowhunters is based of the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare and focuses around Clary who finds out that all the legends are true and she is a Shadowhunter, half demon and half human (called “mondans” in the series). As for Recovery Road, it is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. It is about a high schooler named Maddie, who is an addict, and is sent to a rehab center. I love how raw and real it is and I am excited to see where both of these shows go.

What have you been loving this past month? Let me know in the comments below!

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