5 Pencil Makeup Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

Creams and powders are fine but they can be a lot of work. Simplify your makeup routine by using pencil products. Don’t know where to start? Try these five products?


Pencil Makeup



Eyeshadow pencils and crayons are nothing new. Most brands have their own form of eyeshadow pencils. The one above is one of my personal favourites, Rimmel London ScandelEyes Eye Shadow Stick in 002, Bulletproof beige. What I love most about these type of products is that it is one sweep and you are done. It is so simple but still looks good.


The highlight above is the Clinique Hefty Highlight Chubby Stick. Clinique has a whole line of chubby stick products, from lippies, to contours, to eyeshadows. What is great about their highlight and contour chubby sticks is that they are the perfect size. One swipe, blend and you are done.


While there are lip liner pencils, there are also lipstick pencils. Above, is the E.L.F. Lip Lock Pencil, Although this one specifically is a clear gloss, E.L.F. has an entire line of matte lip pencils, ranging from nudes to deep reds to a bright fuchsia. Lip pencils are super easy to use and tend to have a really long lasting formula.


There are lots of different types of brow products. Powders. Gels. Brow Tint. The list goes on. But the one I hear about the most is brow pencils. They allow you to draw in your brows, in short, little strokes, giving a more natural look. The eye brow pencil above is the Urban Decay Brow Beater Eyebrow Pencil.


I already talked a bit about contour above with the Clinique chubby stick, but if you are looking for a contour set, this would be the way to go. Also, these Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Set Trio pencils are smaller than the chubby sticks, which will make it less likely to apply too much product. I am not saying these are better or worse that the Clinique chubby sticks, it is just about your preference and is something to keep in mind.

Do you like pencil products? Have you tried any of the products I talked about? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Want to try more eyeshadow pencils? See what drugstore makeup brand came out with a new line of them this month by clicking here!



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