Forever 21 Makeup Brush Review

Makeup brushes can be pricey and I personally would rather spend the money on the actual makeup. Maybe that is just me. So when I say this brush set for less then $8, I thought I would give it a try and let you all know what I thought.


Name: Ultimate Brush Set

Price: $7.90

Contains: 1 Face Brush, 1 Blush Brush, 1 Lip Brush, 1 Brow Brush, 1 Crease Brush, 1 Liner Brush

Face Brush

This brush is surprisingly soft, but if I don’t use a light hand while using it, my skin becomes temporarily red and irritated. It doesn’t pick up a lot of product, which could be good or bad. Personally, I wish it was slightly more dense, so it would pick up a bit more. One thing, that is a pick plus for me, is that there isn’t any hairs falling out. I hate having to pick tiny strands off my face when doing my makeup.

Blush Brush

This is very similar to the face brush, so all the concerns and things I liked about the face brush apply to this brush as well. The difference is it is thinner, so it allows you to apply products more controlled.

Lip Brush

I don’t fully understand the point of lip brushes, especially when it comes to regularly packaged lip stick. However, I have a few lip sticks that have been beaten up in my purse, so it is nice to have this brush lying around. As for the actual quality of the brush, I wish it picked up more product. I don’t have a lot of experience with lip brushes, so maybe this amount of product is normal, but I don’t want to have to sit there for 5 minutes running the brush over the lipstick.

Brow Brush

It is a brow brush. There really isn’t anything else to say. It isn’t anything special but it works.

Crease Brush

This brush isn’t meant for the lid, let me tell you that right now. It doesn’t distribute the colour very well. However, for the crease, it works well. It doesn’t pick up a ton of shadow, which allows you to go for a lighter look, or layer it up for something more intense.

Liner Brush

I rarely wear liner but when I do, this brush does the job. It is easy to use and glides nicely. However, I wish it was slightly sturdier. I defiantly don’t have the gentle and most stable hand, so having the brush wiggle slightly less would be appreciated.


It isn’t bad. It isn’t anything special or magnificent. If you are just starting with makeup or you don’t want to spend a lot of money on brushes, these are definitely an option. I also like that all the brushes are labelled, so if you are a makeup newbie, you know the difference between the blush brush and the face brush. This isn’t the only makeup brush set they have. They have a total of over 40 different options, so if you want to spend a few extra dollars to get some more brushes or you want your brushes to have a bulldog pattern or you just want a variety of eye brushes, you have choices.

Will you being trying out these brushes? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Use your new blush brush and this tip to makeup your blush look more natural and gorgeous.


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