Recent Drugstore and Bath and Body Works Haul + First Impression!

Over the past month and so, I have been adding several new products to my collection and I decided it was time to share them all with you and tell you what I like and what I didn’t. So, without further ado, lets dive right in!


Recent Drugstore Haul

1. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick

I picked up two of these lipsticks, in the colours Candy and Airy Fairy. Candy is a light, shimmery pink that almost looks metallic on the lips if you put too much on. As for Airy Fairy, it is a mauve, nude colour that gives a nice hint of colour on the lips. They are creamy and glide on really easily. When it comes to being long wearing, I am constantly drinking water, so I am not the best judge. They weren’t bad, but I wish they lasted a bit longer. I like that the packaging isn’t black, but a dark, shimmery purple. They do have a slight sweet scent, but nothing overwhelming. Overall, I defiantly recommend them and will probably pick up some more. I want to try the colours Alarm, which is a bright red, and Heather Shimmer, which is a dark mauve, red.

2. Essence I Love Trends Nail Polish

These a about $2 a piece, which is really inexpensive when it comes to nail polish. I have the colour 02, which is a really light pink with a bit of gold shimmer in it. The colour looks gorgeous in the bottle. I love the gold shimmer that catches the light every once in a while. So, I was very disappointed that the gold didn’t show on the nails. It was just a the light pink, which was still pretty, just not what I was looking for. Then, it chipped really quickly. I would rather spend a few more dollars on a polish that is long lasting than buy this polish again. Therefore, I don’t recommend it.

3. Rimmel London Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick

I was very nervous to try this. I have tried one of the Scandaleyes mascara and wasn’t a fan, so I was hesitant to try something else in the line. However, they kept catching my eye when I was in the drugstore, so I picked one up when they were on sale. I chose the Bullet Proof Beige, which is a very light gold colour with a luminous finish. It is almost to light for my skin tone, I wish I picked up something a bit darker, like Gold Digger, so it would stand out more.  However, I am surprised to say that I quite enjoy this product. It glides on and doesn’t tug. Also, it stays put and doesn’t smudge or wear off. Overall, I really recommend this.

4. Sephora Rogue Infusion Lip Stain

I mentioned this in my November Favourites, so you already know that I have been looking it. I have the shade Rosebud, which is a really gorgeous nude colour that adds just a hint of colour to your lips. The formula reminds me of a lip gloss, more than a stain. It is really smooth and isn’t sticky, which are usually a problem for this type of formula. I wish it was more long lasting, but other than that I really like this product. The packaging is another story. It is sleek and professional but not functional. However, I still recommend this lip stain.

5. Maybelline Great Lashes Mascara

If you are looking for a dramatic mascara, this isn’t the one for you. It is very natural but looks incredible. It doesn’t stick your lasts together or clump. It is long wearing but I find that after 9 hours, I start to notice it under my eyes. On a more positive note, this mascara is gorgeous alone or layered with another mascara. The brush is average, so there isn’t to much to say about that. Overall, if you are just starting with makeup or want a natural mascara, I would recommend checking this one out.

6. Physician’s Formula Colour Correcting Concealer Duo

This duo comes in two different colours, green/light and yellow/light. I picked up the green/light duo. The green is supposed to correct any red blemish. The light is supposed to be an average concealer. It doesn’t completely cover blemishes but it does make a difference. I apply the green on any blemishes and the light on my dark circles. Then, since the light is too pink for my skin, I will go in with another concealer and go onto of the green and light concealer to make it match my skin tone. It is a cream to powder formula, which I don’t love. If I was to repurchase this when I finish, I would pick up the cream formula. However, overall, if you have been looking at trying color correcting, I would recommend picking up this duo.

7. Simple Micellar Water

I mentioned this on my Beauty Products That are All Over the Internet post. I had been hearing such amazing things about this product that I wanted to pick it up for myself and see what all the hype was about. I used it not instead of my cleanser, but after my cleanser to remove any access makeup. Did you notice the past tense in that last sentence? It isn’t that I don’t like this product, it is that it made my skin really red and irritated after I used this. I don’t consider my skin sensitive and no other products has made my skin react like that.  Overall, I don’t recommend this product but I know a lot of people love it, so it may just be one of those things you have to see if it is right for your skin.

8. Essence Lip Liner

I picked up one in Satin Mauve, which is the perfect nude colour. The formula I wasn’t such a big fan of. It isn’t creamy at all and it doesn’t glide on as nicely as I would like. However, for only $1, I would recommend it to someone who is just starting out with lip liners.

Bath and Body Works


When I was at Bath and Body Works, their holiday scents were $6 each, so I had to pick a few up. I chose Winterberry Wonder in a body cream and Frosted Winter Forest in a fine fragrance mist. Winterberry Winter has key notes of  “Red Winterberry, Crystal Vanilla and Snowkisssed Camellia.” As for Frosted Winter Forest, it has key notes of ” Frosted Clementine, Fresh Cederwood and Vanilla Bean.”

What have you bought recently? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Check out my latest Nail Polish Haul and First Impressions for some nail inspiration!


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