My Concealer Collection

I have four concealers. Some of you may think that isn’t too bad but I only every really use one. So, I wanted to clean out my concealer collection and show you all why I didn’t like certain concealers and which one is my go to. Ready? Lets dive in.

So, I am getting rid of two of my concealers, Coverstick from Essence and a really old one from Covergirl that I can no longer read the label of (and that has been discontinued). For the Essence one, it is really dry and I didn’t like how it sat on my skin. It made my pores more obvious and didn’t look good. So, that one is a pass. As for the Covergirl one, it is old and is clumpy and has a weird texture now, for one. Also, it is abit dark for my skintone, but a good colour for a light contour.

Now for what I am keeping: Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer from Covergirl and Smart Shade Concealer from Almay. As some of you may know, the Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer is my current go to concealer, and I already have a back up. The Almay one is supposed to change to match your skin tone, which is a cool concept. And it works, therefore I am going to keep it. However, my one problem with it is that it doesn’t have great coverage. So, if you have light dark circles or slight discolouration, you may want to try this, but if you really need to conceal something, I don’t recommend it.

What concealers do you have in your collection? Let me know in the comments below!

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