Daily Tip: September 11th, 2015

I have very weak and brittle nails, and for a long time I couldn’t figure out why. Than, I heard of this tip and it changed my life. So, if you have brittle nails, than this tip will defiantly help you!

Today’s Tip is… Don’t Leave Your Nails Bare.

Your nails are porous. Therefore, if you get your hands wet when your nails are bare, your nails will absorb water and they will expand. This is what causes them to be brittle. The easy fix is to wear nail polish (My favourite colour to wear right now is a deep red, such as O.P.I Malaga Wine or Essie Tiny Wine-ey). Another option is to wear just a strengthening base coat, like Jamberry Strengthening Base Coat. If you want to let your nails breath and go polish-free, use an oil, such as jojoba oil (it is really easy for your nails to absorb) constituently on your nails to reduce the effect of water. The most important time for you to apply oil on your nails is before a shower, as spending long time in hot water is very damaging.

What is your current favourite nail polish? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Now that your nails look good, use this tip to make the rest of your hand look it’s best!


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