Daily Tip: September 9th, 2015

Do you breakout across the bridge of your nose? How about just below your temples? Is it even worse in the summer months? If you said yes, than I might just know the culprit and I am letting you know in this tip!

Today’s Tip is… Your Sunglasses May Be Breaking You Out.

I love sunglasses but they can hurt your skin. The breaking out may occur for one of multiple reasons. The first reason being you are allergic or sensitive to an ingredient in your sunglasses. This is more likely to occur with more inexpensive sunglasses, as they are made with poorer quality materials. Another reason for the breakouts could be the oil residue. Your sunglasses are constantly in contact with your skin, both your face and your hands. The oil and dirt residue that is left on the sunglasses could be clogging your pores. The simple fix if to cut a little piece of makeup remover wipes and wipe down your glasses.

Do your sunglasses break you out? How do you deal? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Reduce the oil residue that makes it’s way onto your sunglasses with this tip!


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