Daily Tip: August 29th, 2015

Ever had a day when you spilt coffee on your top? Or broke a nail? Maybe you got a paper cut? Did you answer yes to any of these scenarios? Even if you didn’t, you can still use this tip.

Today’s tip is… Carry an “Emergency” Bag.

Within your purse or backpack, you should always have a little emergency pouch. Just through items like stain remover, nail files, band aids, lip balms, hand creams, a compact and much more. One thing I love about this tip is that it is so customisable. Just think back to situations in the past where you wish you had something, like a nail file, and put it in your bag. I carry one around in my purse, and although my friends constantly tell me I have too much stuff in my purse, I am always prepared. Plus, if they ever need something, I will often have it in my emergency pouch.

Do you carry around an emergency bag? What is in it? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Do you constantly have greasy hair? Than try putting this product in your emergency bag!


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