Acne Face Mapping

I have always gotten the odd breakout but this week, my skin has be breaking out almost daily. No matter what I tried, it didn’t help. So, I tried mapping my acne.


You may have seen images, like this one from Cosmopolitan,  in your Pinterest feed, I know I have. Basically, mapping your face allows you to discover the culprit of those breakout, depending on what part of your face they are on.

Area 1: Jaw, Chin and Neck

The culprit for this is most likely your period. During this time of the month, your glands are producing more oils, which can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. Cosmopolitan says that, to prevent these breakouts, to:

“Rev up your treatment the week before your period: If you regularly use a cleanser with an acne-fighting ingredient such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, apply a leave-on treatment with that same active ingredient, and treat your chin, jawline, neck, and the rest of your face just to be safe. (“You can’t predict exactly where the zit will erupt,” Dr. Zeichner says.) If you get super-bad breakouts at the same time every month, you might want to see your dermatologist or primary doc for a prescription treatment like birth control pills or another kind of hormonal therapy, which can level out your hormones to prevent the surges that lead to breakouts.

Area 2: Near Your Hair Line

Do you use a lot of hair product? If you get breakouts near your hair line, you may be getting those products on your skin. This will result in the products clogging your pores and potential causing breakouts. Preventing these breakouts are rather simple. All you need to do is:

“Avoid applying products near your forehead, and make sure you wash your hands after you apply hair products. When you wash your face, make sure you scrub up to the roots. (Just be gentle — overdo it, and you could cause irritation and inflammation, Dr. Zeichner says.) If your breakouts become a serious problem, use a daily toner around the hairline for extra help.”

Area 3: Around The Mouth

Your diet is the culprit for this one. Residue of acidic foods may cause irritation, whereas residue from greasy food may clog pores. The result? Annoying breakouts. Prevent these breakouts by:

“[Using] a facial cleansing wipe to remove invisible irritants around your mouth after you eat.”

Area 4: Cheeks

When you talk on a dirty phone or rest your dirty hand against your face, you may be transferring pore-clogging dirt or bacteria onto your face, causing the breakouts. According to Cosmopolitan, the way to prevent this is:

“Clean your phone with antibacterial wipes daily, and use a hands-free device when you can. And seriously: Keep. Your. Hands. Off. Your. Face!”

Area 5: Nose and Forehead

Had a long week at school or the office? Studying for a huge test? Have a big competition coming up? This can all cause breakouts on your nose or forehead. Why? The simple answer is stress. Stress causes your body to release adrenalin, which can increase oil production and lead to breakouts. Prevention is simple.

“When stress hits (or in advance when you’re heading into a stressful week at work or school), apply a leave-on acne treatment to these areas or your entire face to be safe.”

If this specific face mapping doesn’t work for you, search “Acne Face Mapping” on Pinterest to find different ones that might fit you better.

Does this face mapping help you? Did you find the culprit to your breakouts? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. If face mapping didn’t help you, your problem may be that you are applying these products to your face. In this post, I talked a lot about pores. To find out more on pores, click here!



2 thoughts on “Acne Face Mapping

  1. This is so awesome! Our skin definitely projects how healthy we are on the inside. Mapping is a great way to see if we are balanced in our lives, internally and externally. Great post.


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