Daily Tip: July 12th, 2015

Happy Sunday everyone! I am actually really excited for today’s tip and I hope you are too. So lets get started!

Today’s tip is… Exfoliate Your Lips.

In June, I had a tip on making your lipstick look even better by applying lip balm first. This tip works wonders, unless your lips are chapped, dried and/or peeling. Lip stick extenuates the imperfections, so before using lip stick, exfoliate your lips. This is really important. Just like exfoliating your face, you want to remove the dead skin. You can definitely DIY a lip scrub but the one I have currently be using is from LUSH and I think it is called Santa, or something, and is Cola flavored. The scrub is really good but I have never been a fan of cola flavored anything (If you are wondering why I bought something in a flavour I don’t like, it was a gift). However, if you like Cola, I suggest picking it up in the holiday season.

What lip scrub do you use? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Now that you have exfoliated your lips, exfoliate your face with this DIY exfoliator!


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