Coconut Scents for The Summer

One of my favourite summer scents is coconut. If I close my eyes, I almost feel like I am on a tropical island when I am breathing it the coconut scent around me. And who doesn’t want to be on a tropical island? So here are some ways to add bring the tropics to you with coconut scented products!


Candles are one way to make your room smell amazing. If you are looking for a variety of coconut scents to chose from, try Yankee Candles. They have scents such as Coconut and Vanilla Bean, Coconut Bay and Black Coconut. Their prices range from $2, for a sample, to $28 for a large candle.

Room Spray

Don’t want an open flame in your room? Then get a room spray so you can still have your room smell delicious and tropical. For a Coconut Isles room spray that only costs $7, try Pier One Imports. Other scents they have include Tiki Sunrise, Sea Air, and Enchanted Paradise.

Body Spray

While we are on the topics of coconut scented sprays, we have to talk about body sprays. Body sprays aren’t hard to find. You could probably just go to your local drugstore and find a body spray that is coconut scented. However, another good place to go Victoria’s Secret, as they have a Coconut Passion (which is vanilla and coconut) body spray for only $14. This scent also comes in a body lotion, and a hand and body cream. Another great thing about Victoria’s Secret, is that they have a quiz on their website that helps you find your signature scent. I toke the quiz, and I got Heavenly, which is white musk, vanilla, and sandalwood.


Want something a bit fancier then body spray? Want the scent to last longer? Then pick up a coconut scented perfume. For an Indian Coconut Nectar Perfume, check out Pacifica. This $22 perfume is not only wallet-friendly but it is vegan and cruelty-free, so it is also animal-friendly.

Body Lotion

Smell like coconuts and moisturize your skin at the same time? Yes please! Although you can get the Victoria’s Secret body lotion I mentioned above, another brand to check out is San Francisco Soap Company. Not only do they have a Coconut Mango body lotion for only $8, but their products are high quality and American made. They also have scents such as Vanilla Orchid, Cherry Blossom, and Kiwi Melon.


For a variety of different coconut scented products, you can always check out The Body Shop or Bath and Body Works. At both of these stores, you can find body lotions, body washes, sprays and much more for all your coconut scent needs.

What is your favourite summer scent? Were do you go for coconut scented products? Let me know in the comments below!


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