10 Things To Do This Summer In Toronto

Every year, I count down the days until school is out, excited for a fun and relaxing summer. But in about a weeks time, I am always bored. Since I am sure I am not the only one, here are 10 thing you can do this summer when you are bored. All the ideas are for Toronto but you can basically do them anywhere.

1. Go To An Amusement Park

Grab your friends and head to Canada’s Wonderland to spend your day riding roller-coasters. Maybe even stop by the water park while you are there for some refreshing fun. Not a roller-coaster person? Flashback to your childhood at Centerville, on the island, while riding the flume and the haunted house.

2. Try a New Café

Although I love a good Frappuccino from Starbucks, every once in awhile I like to try a local café. My recommendation is heading to a Krispy Kreme Donut Café. Not only do they have amazing donuts for only $1.15 (I recommend the Kreme filled with chocolate on top), but their frozen lemonade makes for the perfect summer refreshment.

3. Head to a Festival

There are several festivals going on this summer in Toronto. I personally will be volunteering at the Fringe Theater Festival. If theater isn’t your thing, maybe an outdoors music festival or an outdoor movie is.

4. Go Hiking

Toronto is full of so many gorgeous parks, not to mention the Bluffs, The Beltline or The Brickworks. So, spend some times outdoors, appreciating Mother Nature and the glorious sun.

5. What is Summer Without Ice Cream?

Or Frozen Yogurt? Or Gelato? Call up someone you haven’t seen in forever and invite them to grab a frozen treat with you. If your an ice cream person, go to Baskin Robins or Laura Secord. If Gelato is more your style, head to Hotel Gelato or Hollywood Gelato. And if frozen yogurt is your calling, try Menchies or Yogurty’s.

6. Go See The Animals

Love Tigers? Pandas? Elephants? Or any other animal? Then head out to the Toronto Zoo to spend the day surrounded by animals. And, while you are there, grab an infamous beaver tail.

7. Embrace Some Culture

Spend a peaceful day looking at the Group of Seven painting at the AGO. Or take a trip into the past at the ROM. If you want to escape downtown, head uptown to Casa Loma and the Spadina House to take in some of Toronto’s history.

8. Do Workout Outside

Grab your besties and some yoga mats and head to a local park or beach. Do yoga, Pilates or a boxing workout to soak in some rays, burn some calories and catch up with your friends.

9. Shop

If you are in the mood of a mall, head to Yorkdale or the Eaton Center. If not, walk down Queen St. and look in all the boutiques. If you happen to be near Queen and Spadina and in need of lunch, head to my favourite sandwich shop, the Bahn Mi Boys.

10. Go on a Hunt

Gather a big group of friend, divide into teams, and go on a scavenger hunt using the Hunt app. Have a prize for the winning team or have it so that the losing team has to buy the winning team ice cream or Starbucks. Not only will you get to see the city, but you will have an amazing bonding experience with your friends.

What do you do when you are bored in the summer? What are your favourite things to do in Toronto? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Need even more things to do this summer? Create a Summer Bucket List and use some of these ideas, and more by clicking here, to get your list started!


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