Daily Tip: June 19th, 2015

Happy Friday everyone! Are you ready for another daily tip? I thought so. Lets get right into it.

Today’s tip is… Pick The Bathing Suit That is Right For You.

I know the feeling of standing is a store, on the hunt for the perfect bathing suit. The problem is none of them are right. One doesn’t have enough coverage. Another has too many ruffles. Another ties in the back and could fall off if you wear it in the ocean. With every bathing suit I pick up, bikini or one piece, there is something wrong with it. Yet, I don’t want to want to leave unsuccessful. So, I end up picking one that isn’t too bad.

The key for buying a bathing suit, or any clothing for that matter, is that you are comfortable in it. If you can’t find one you like and feel comfortable in, don’t buy one. Also, just because all your friends are in bikinis, does not mean you can’t be rocking a one piece. Just be comfortable and do what feels right, not what is trendy or what everyone else is doing.

Have you ever had an experience like mine? Where is your favourite place to buy a bathing suit? Let me know in the comments below!



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