It’s DIY Facial Time

As the warm weather slowly starts coming around the corner, it may be time to give yourself an easy, and refreshing facial. This facial just has one ingredient… an ice cube. It may sound unpleasant and weird, but it is totally worth it.


All you need to do is wrap an ice cube up in paper towel, to prevent the delicate capillaries in your face from breaking, and start using it to massage your face. Do this for a minute or two and voila, facial complete.

Why Should You Do This Facial

This facial has a surprising number of benefits for your skin, including:

  • A Dewy, Glowing Complexion
  • Combats Fat Cells
  • Eases Wrinkles
  • Fights Acne
  • Increases Blood Circulation to Heal Blemishes
  • Makes Your Face Look Smoother by Constricting Pores
  • Soothes Irritated Skin

My Experience With This Facial

A few weeks ago, I was starting to get ready for this huge event when I noticed my forehead was breaking out really badly. So, I started to scroll through Pinterest for instant solutions. That’s when I stumbled across this facial. Although I was sceptical, I was out of options. And it was a miracle worker. The breakouts had become smaller and less red. Also, my skin look refreshed and healthy.


Adding fruit or other skin-benefiting ingredients into your ice cubes can be quite helpful. Some ideas for additions include:

  • Orange Juice or Lemon Juice to Brighten the Face
  • Apple Juice to Help Oily Skin
  • Pomegranates to Prevent Aging and Provide a Rosy Complexion

Are you going to try this ice cube facial? Let me know in the comments below.


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