Reverse Washing

shampoo and conditioner

So, on Pinterest and Tumblr, I have been seeing more and more about “reverse washing.” This is when you use conditioner before shampoo. The idea behind it is that often, if you use shampoo then conditioner, there is residue from the conditioner still left in your hair after you shower, leaving your hair oily and having product build up in it.

How to Reverse Wash Your Hair

1. Wet your hair.

2. Put the conditioner in the ends of your hair.

3. Let the conditioner soak in while you either wash your face, shave your legs, etc.

4. Wash your hair as you normally would.

5. Make sure you got all the shampoo and conditioner out of hair and voila.

My experience with Reverse Washing

So, I decided to give it a try for a few weeks. I immediately noticed a different. My hair has been less oily and it has looked healthier. I don’t plan on switching back to “normal washing” anytime soon. I would differently recommend it.

Have you tried reverse washing? What is your opinion? Let me know in the comments below!


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