My Life: Makeup, Clothes and Being You

So, today I am going to be talking about something a bit different. This subject hit too close to home over the weekend and I want anyone who reads this to know that they are perfect and beautiful no matter how much or how little make up they wear or how the dress or how they act.

If you had asked me about 6 months ago or so, what was my opinion on make up, you would have gotten an answer similar to the words “I hate it.” I felt like make up was covering up who the person truly was and looked junky. If you were to ask me now, you would get a polar opposite answer. I have learned over the past few months that makeup is, at least in my opinion, for embracing your true beauty and for being able to be confident when you step out the door.

I used to wear no makeup and I didn’t not feel confident but now, with minimal makeup, I am more confident and happy and have better self-esteem. I am not saying that wearing no makeup is a bad thing, I am saying that you should be happy and proud to look in the mirror. And if you need makeup, or if you don’t need it, to be able to do that, its ok.

Over the weekend, my sisters both criticised the amount of makeup I own and wear. It hurt coming from them and it took me awhile to regain the confidence I had previous to their comments. I am confident the way I am and I want everyone reading this to know that they should be confident with who they are and not let anyone put them down.

And now onto clothing. Last year, I wore a lot of sweaters, blouses, etc. But what made it me was a wore a belt everyday around my waist, and I really did like how I dressed. With that being said, I got some hurtful comment directed towards my style and how I always wore belts. I absolutely love fashion but the people who were criticizing me, didn’t appreciate how fashion is a form of expression. No matter how you dress, the only person you need to please is your self. And it is ok to take time to find your style. Mine has changed multiple times over the past few years.

So I am here, writing for whoever has read this far to say it is ok to be you and it is ok to be different and no one should tell you differently.



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