Halloween Jewelry That is Acceptable to Wear After Halloween

What do you think of when you read Halloween Jewelry?? Probably Halloween. But there is some super cute and inexpensive Halloween jewelry that is socially acceptable to wear all year round. So keep reading to find 7 chic pieces of jewelry worthy of more then just one day a year.

Halloween Jewlery to wear after halloween

1. Women’s Grecian Coin Bracelet-Gold ($6.72 from partybell.com)

I have been seeing these kinds of bracelets (and necklace and earrings) all over the place, and they can get pricey. They are super chic but can be a bit noisy, so don’t wear it during an exam because you will have a few people hating you by the end.

2. Gothic Bat-Winged Earrings ($20 from etsy.com)

I thought these were gorgeous (I don’t really know how they look like bat wings but…). They also come with a matching necklace, and this set will be perfect for the holiday with the red.

3. Women’s Gypsy Jewelry Set-Gold ($9.78 from partybell.com)

I absolutely love this set. It has a twist on the coin trend we saw in 1. It is so chic and  would be great for any semiformal events and nights out with your friends.

4. Women’s Grecian Arm Cuff-Gold ($6.47 form partybell.com)

This arm cuff will become one of your most worn pieces of jewelry through out the summer months, as they spice up all your sleeveless and strapless dresses.

5. Women’s Grecian Earrings ($4.79 from partybell.com)

So we are back to the coin trend. These earrings will go perfectly with the bracelet  and/or the arm cuff. Plus, they are great for any season, so you will get a lot of use out of them.

6. Halloween Owl Pendant ($15 from etsy.com)

So, although this necklace is very fall in its colour and with the owl, I thought it was so cute. With that being said, I love the colour orange and owls, so maybe its just me.

7. Spike Necklace ($15 for missguided.com)

I thought this necklace was great because it would add an edgy touch to any outfit, any time of the year.

So which is your favourite piece? Would you wear any of these all year long? Tell me in the comments bellow!



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