Fall Nail Polishes: Silvers, Almost Navy Blues, Royal Purples and Deep Reds!

I absolutely love fall. Cozy sweaters, Hot Chocolate and Coffee, Everything Pumpkin, and Fall Trends. My fav fall trend every year is all the beautiful colour that make it into our closets and onto our nails. We have purples, reds, blues, and silvers, just to mention a few. So keep reading see some amazing fall nail polishes to add to your collection.

Royal Purple Nail Polsih for Fall 2014


I adore the dark plum purples that appear everywhere during fall.

1. Sole Mate from Essie ($14)


3. Dolce&Gabbana ($34)

4. Pixi ($8.96)

5. Phillip Lim from NARS ($22)

6. Plum Souffle from New CID Cosmetics ($14)

Silver Nail Polishes for Fall 2014


You can never go wrong with a nice metallic nail, especially in the fall to take your outfit to the next, futuristic level.

1. Metal Sparking Silver from Deborah Milano Shine Tech ($9.85)

2. Take the “A” Train from Deborah Lippmann ($22)

3. Grey Silver from Butter LONDON ($17)

4. Essie ($9.52)

5. Amarapura from NARS ($22)

6. San Francisco Collection from O.P.I. ($21)

Deep Red Nail Polishes For Fall

These deep reds are gorgeous and the dark tones are perfect for leading into the colder months.

1. NARS ($22)

2. Red Tote from L’Oreal Paris ($5.56)

3. Lost in Lombard from O.P.I. ($21)

4. Dress to Kilt from Essie ($9.52)

5. Marc Jacobs ($20)

6. Butter LONDON ($18)

Almost Navy Nail Poishes for Fall 2014

And last but certainly not least, these blues that just brighter then navy. Give a pop of colour that doesn’t over power your outfit with these blues.

1. Purple Parachute from deLiA’s ($5.49)

2. Night Fever from Deborah Lippmann ($27)

3. Vermis in Love from Lancôme ($17)

4. Essie ($9.52)

5. Royal Navy from Butter LONDON ($17)

6. La Notte from NARS ($22)

What do you think of these shades? What is your favourite part of fall? Tell me in the comments below!



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